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4 Weeks to a Better Back

Have you had a troublesome lower back for longer than you care to remember?

Do you think that an ‘achy’ lower back is just a part of everyone’s life?

Have you been putting off getting it treated for too long?

Get back on track with Asia Physio’s ’4 Weeks to a Better Back’ spinal improvement program.

At Asia Physio, we have been studying and treating lower backs for over a decade and have used our experience to develop a targeted spinal improvement program: 4 Weeks to a Better Back.

Spend a focused period of four weeks working on your lower back and get back on track towards leading a pain-free life.

We will use a combination of manual therapy, home base exercises, sports massage and exercise therapy to fixe your back once and for all! We will identify the issues that are causing your back pain and address them, using a multi-disciplinary approach. All treatments should be refundable from your international health insurance.

What is involved?

We will start you on a package of treatments to be spread over four weeks. Although the exact nature of your treatment may vary depending on your presentation and history an outline of the package is included below:

What is the commitment and how many sessions do I need to attend?

The package includes ten x one hour sessions, over a structured dedicated period of 4 weeks.

All sessions are one on one to maximise your improvements.

How much is it?

The total cost is approximately 20% off our our normal rates for the collection of services.

Are the appointment times flexible?

Yes you can choose any appointment time for 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturday.

What is involved?

The treatment will differ depending on your condition with some lower backs requiring more manual therapy and others more strengthening and flexibility work.

What to do from here?

Contact us to make your first session or ask for more information on our 4 Weeks to a Better Back program.