Asia Physio
Unit 3, Armada Villa, Jalan 109F
Taman Danau Desa, KL 58100
Phone: +60379541505
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Tokyo Physio

104 Atrium Shirokane
5-12-27 Shirokane
Tokyo 108-0072

Phone: 03 3443 6769

To make a booking or general enquiry please email us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

By Train

From Hiro-o Station, (Hibya line) 8 minutes walk

Take exit No. 1 or 2 and walk along Gaien-Nishi Dori, towards Meguro / Shirokane tunnel and Tengengi-bashi (the big intersection with a large pedestrian walk-over). You’ll be walking away from Nishi-Azabu. Change to the left side of the road and continue straight ahead as you walk over Tengengi pedestrian bridge. You will pass a local (Keio) elementary school, and be walking on the other side of the road to Hiro-o hospital. After you pass La Bisboccia Italian restaurant (set back slightly from the road), you will see a furniture and interior goods store. Then you should see a small lane with a phone box on the corner, take a sharp left into the lane and then left again when the road opens up underneath the freeway. We are in the “Atrium Shirokane” building, a 5 floor, sandy yellow coloured building immediately on your left.

From Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote and Saikyo lines) 12 minutes walk

Take the East exit (you will need to walk up the stairs from the Yamanote line). After exiting, go down the escalators away from the Atre department store (which is above the station). At the bottom of the Escalators; turn to the right and go along the footpath around the edge of the Taxi-rank. Go left down the hill and you should see Kinko’s on your right.  Continue walking up a hill past a post office on your left and then down the hill for about 8 minutes until you come to a major road (Gaien-Nishi Dori). You should see a Family Mart convenience store on your left and a freeway straight ahead. Pass over the main road and take the first left under the freeway, down a narrow one-way street just after the main road. Walk down that lane with the car park on your right, you should be going along directly parallel under the freeway, so if it is raining you won’t be getting wet! About 70 metres down the lane the car park and storage units ends and there is an open/play area under the freeway.  The building is next to this open area on the left. A sandy yellow coloured, 5 storey building,  ground floor, press the buzzer for #104).

By Car

If you are driving along Gaein-Nishi dori, away from Hiro-o, go across Meiji dori (under Tengenji-bashi). After crossing Tengenji, drive for about 400 metres and take the next set of lights to the left (you should see a Family Mart convenience store on your right). Then turn immediately left again into a small one way street under the freeway, drive down that lane with the car park on your right. About 70 metres down the lane the car park ends and there is an open/play area under the freeway. Next to this open area you will see a  sandy yellow coloured building and our parking space is the only space for the building, just past the entrance. It is easiest to back into the space. Please inform us you will be driving and we will try to reserve the space you. If there is a car in the space you should be able to wedge in before the space and still allow space for traffic to pass. If both places are taken there is meter parking (¥300 per hour) on Gaein Nishi Dori, outside La Bisboccia that is generally available.

By Taxi

Click Here for PDF document with instructions in Japanese
Before getting into the taxi check if the driver understands “Ebisu san-chome kossaten” (Ebisu three chome crossing), and that he knows how to get there. If the driver tilts his head and sucks air for any longer than one second, it’s probably easier to find another taxi. Most drivers should know the way. Show the map to driver. Once you are at the intersection look for the freeway running over head, opposite the Family Mart and going away from the Sunkus convenience store. Walk/drive down that lane with the car park on your right. About 70metres down the lane the car park ends there is a playground under the freeway. You will see a new looking yellow building on your left hand side, Atrium Shirokane.